Litecoin boom coming

Bitcoin has locked in segwit and Litecoin founder Charlie Lee just announced that they are testing the lightning network on the mainnet. Expect atomic swaps between Litecoin and Bitcoin soon. The price has already jumped to 50+ dollars 10 mins after th…

Journey to 10$ a day

Hello I’ve been lurking on these forums quite awhile for methods to make money. I started out using a Facebook method to make some money to start up my own streaming site, but would get more accounts banned automatically than anything to get what I needed. This resulted in me looking to find a host I could use for free. Surprisingly this ended up being blogger. I found a streaming blogger template customized it a bit after hours and hours of learning the basics of HTML and had a pretty…

Journey to 10$ a day ^(

Ranking Low Comp KWS Multiniche Blog – No Backlinks

I recently started posting articles on a domain that I aged with 1 article about a year ago. It already has almost 15 posts, each with 300-500 words each.

I have been shockingly ranking some of these posts (some are low competitive) however, I find it kind of odd because some rank and some don’t. For example, the article I published a week ago or 2 weeks ago isn’t on the second page, etc.

But the ones ranking from when I posted in June are ranking first page (which are more medium-high…

Ranking Low Comp KWS Multiniche Blog – No Backlinks ^(