What would you do?

Hey everyone,

I was able to pick-up an expiring domain with these metrics – https://screencast.com/t/TWdPRwjf1j

All links are clean and from good sources, eg over 200+ links from wikipedia + links from amazon and big newspapers.

How would you use th…

User experience – how google knows it?

Everybody is saying that user experience is very important in terms of ranking sites… If I have a site, which is not submitted to GWT and I promote affiliate products – it means a client is redirected to another site which is selling goods then how g…

Youtube deletes my video when i upload on another account

Okay, so basically, what i did was; Last week i uploaded a video on youtube and purchased some views and engagements on it.

And yesterday, i uploaded another video, and same process, purchased some likes and comments, but this time, i used a different account.

After that, the next day i woke up the video from last week was deleted for copyright.

Is this just a coincidence or you can’t use 2 accounts on youtube?

What proxy service can i use for Youtube, so that i can upload as much as i want?

Monetization of Music Channel

Hey guys,

I started a music channel a few days ago and I’m trying to understand how music channels make money on youtube. Channels such as Chill Nation, MrSuicideSheep, Proximity, xKito Music, Trap City, CloudKid, Monstercat …
All their songs have copyright claims and they can’t be monetized. I uploaded the same songs that they have as a test and they all have copyright claims.
Those channels post videos daily. Why have all the trouble of creating videos daily when they can’t be…

Monetization of Music Channel ^(http://techwort.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/monetization-of-music-channel.959998/)

Lost 18% Organic Traffic

I just lost 18% organic traffic , And its sudden
I try to track lost keyword from semrush , but Semrush reveals
previous position of all lost keyword was above 30 in google And present position is now 0 .

how that’s possible …. its very rare to get traffic from fourth page of Google

Can anyone Suggest any other Technique or Tool to detect lost keyword So i can recover

Can’t out rank a Quora answer no matter what!

Hi, I can’t out rank a 1st place Quora answer no matter what i do!, i have done Quality upvotes (39 upvotes) + (did 20 downvotes to the competitor answer) and still i can’t out rank him! (he only got 7 upvotes!!!)

that make me think that the question and the answer is by the same guy! and that Quora put much more value for the upvote from the question asker! is that true?

i know that quora value each vote based on the activity of the voter but i already took that into consideration….

Can’t out rank a Quora answer no matter what! ^(http://techwort.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/cant-out-rank-a-quora-answer-no-matter-what.960245/)