PayPal question

Hello everybody

I have a question about paypal. Over a few days I am gonna earn like more then $1000 and it can increase to $2000 or $3000. Will paypal control it? It’s from people and not from adsense. I live in belgium.
I heard that they will control for taxes
Thanks for helping


Hello everybody

I am gonna share a method for making ONCE $15. Sorry for my bad English

What do you need?

– An iphone

– A jailbreak

– 2-3 houres time

(I don’t know if it works with android) Let me know if you tried it on android please!

You have to download the app taps for money. You have to tap on a button and after 1 million points you can get $15 paypal or amazon. With my method, you delete all the ads and make an autoclicker for the clicks. While…


Getting sick of BHW


I don’t know what’s wrong but it’s the second time when I opened a post I can’t comment on my own posts. I just asked if I can share a method so I didn’t shared the method. Getting sick of it. I ever posted about a person who can make a website for me. Others can comment on my post but I can’t. Wanted to share an easy method to thank BHW but is this what I get?

(sorry for my bad english)
Check here: ^(

Will this work?

Hello everybody

I am wondering if this money method would work:
You send $10 to your friend via paypal. You make fake proof that your friend scammed you. Then your friend transfer the money to another paypal account. Then you will open a dispute and …

Making passive money

Hello everybody

I am looking for a method to make passive money. I already looked and i found a method for uploading porn. It doesn’t make sense if it’s like $1 per day or $50 per day but just looking for a good method. Is the porn method the best?
And does there exist a way for making accounts (on different proxies) and earn then money on a website. I mean referrals. If yes, could you tell me the site?

Thanks for reading!!