Advertising Needed

Hello, I own a site and it is based around addiction people sharing their stories, and reading others and am looking for some sort of advertising to promote my website and gain active members plus real visits.

Let me know!

DIMCOIN ICO: This Is Why I Invested $15,200 Into DIMCOIN ICO

Hi guys I’m posting this here because a lot of people after seeing my: New Journal ^(, had PM asking me how ICOs work and how I decided in which ICOs to invest. Any question just ask me. And no, this is not a pump thread as this is a ICO which already raised $10,000,000, so please lets keep it nice and clear without hate nor toxic unneccesary comments. DIMCOIN ICO is ending in 4 more days,…

DIMCOIN ICO: This Is Why I Invested $15,200 Into DIMCOIN ICO ^(

Crack Sites safe for google?

Hey, next to my current project I was thinking about launching a cracking website in a specific niche. Now, the cracking website would obviously be optimized for a “**** crack” keyword.
My question: Google likes unique content okay, but what google likes he most is content with value. Its not as easy as just getting some keyword density into your text.

  • But what kind of value could you put into a cracking website? How would I be able to do that?

And another…

Crack Sites safe for google? ^(

lexisnexis, api? anyone done it familiar with it?

have one client who is interested in integrating some of the stuff they offer into there site.
couldn’t really find much information, not sure if any freelancer done something similar or can do something like this.

heres the info I found out. ^( ^( ^(

they want to implement the background…

lexisnexis, api? anyone done it familiar with it? ^(


Anyone using this ?

Been offered Elite Licences at $30 each, tempted to give this a go.

Elite license and that will include 5,000 syndications per month.

Connect unlimited accounts to post to & run multiple unique, linking campaigns — target different niches with dedicated social media accounts to avoid red flags from Google.
Run 50 campaigns at any given time — crush it with a single website, or sending multiple websites to the top of Google.
Post to 15 different networks — get tons of…

SyndRanker ^(